Sorry I had not updated recently. My computer was on the fritz yet again. Updated is the info for Brimstone the planet you are most likely headed to next in game. I'll focus on updating some of the gods next.

Added the Heavy Cargo Ship that you were protecting to the Ships Page Under Humans.

Added a picture of one of the buildings on Nystalya. The Gate of the Sun (that tiny little speck next to the huge 200 foot long Man-O-War is a human so the main gates in the background are aobut 600 feet tall) found on the page about Nystalya.

Patrick was nice enough to make the Map of the Known Realm Clickable. Just click on whatever planet you want and the info page will pop up.

I added dates to the Past Page of the history. I also made the dates linked so if you click on the date of the short description it will take you down to the more involved info. Then you can click on that date again to go back to where you were, or there is a Top option to go back to top.

I've been adding a bunch of pictures of the Races . This is to help get a good idea of how I see them in my head. Most of them are copied works that i found online and did not draw, and they are not perfectly accurate, but they are good enough to get the right feel and idea and if nothing else are good place holders till i get more time and actually want to draw some of this stuff. More actual info on the races will be following.

I removed the NPC button to make a General Info button on the main page as I felt there was a lot of little things i wanted to have available but had no where to put it. Look for this place to have info on CKS Enterprises, NPCs, how different spelljamming helms work, all the little odds and ends.

I'm hoping to get the info up for the races, fill in some more info on the planets, and then move on to the gods section as i am sure people are interested and it is very blank at the moment.

The Crew of the Bears Claw is up under Players. A short History of the KNown Realm is under Past. Some Races were started under Races.

Map of the NEW Realm Added. New Ship, St. Triton's Thunder added. Info for all the Ships added and Updated.

Added All the Planets in the Known realms and their basic stats on the Maps page. Next up will be adding the New Realm Map, and then getting all the detailed info up.

SHIPS: The undead have long been an issue in space, but they usually took over ships, or pieced together ships out of old space whale skeletons. Recently, they have been showing up in purpose designed ships like these. Added are the Dart Rocket used by the undead for elite boarding, and a Medium Sized Undead Rocket Launcher that carries said darts. The absence of a deck plan for the Rocket Launcher is no mistake. Sightings have been minimal so far, but those who have encountered them have been devistated. No one has boarded one and lived to tell about it yet.

Website has been designed and set up. More info on each page to be added in the next few days.