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January 15, 101820
The Bearís Claw was ordered to take a break from its privateering duties and haul a small but valuable load of venom (to be turned into an anti-venom) from Thrykka to Far Port. The Venom needed to be constantly chilled in a magical box so the Bearís Claw couldnít travel through the flow, but needed to navigate around the MDZs. Travel went well until about 14 days out of Far Port where an uncharted MDZ flowed out directly in front of the ship. After consulting Seraph and Icarus, Captain Bearcharger decided to navigate the uncharted area.

While at the apex of the uncharted MDZ, Icarus informed the Captain of a ship adrift to the Port side that seemed important in her vision. The ship was spotted and searched by Dale and Seraph. Few valuable possessions were discovered in the burned out hulk, however four of its crew were still alive. Chester the mage was found naked, holding only his rings in his hands and grasping his beloved spell book Alphonse. A circle of safe, undamaged wood was around him. It seemed like the fiery blast may have started from this position. He seemed to have been affected by the undead gas, but was alive and well (though just barely.) Talakin and Sidel were found in a trunk of holding that was protected with two angels guarding it. (Seemingly lesser angels under Sarah the Archangel of Ios.) They left once help arrived. Finally Kael was held in suspended animation by a complex circle of protection. His left hand was missing at the wrist and a mysterious phrase was written on the wall in a language that only Kael and Chester could understand. It read ďI have your hand -H-ď. Once a dispel magic was tried, it broke down and freed him. It was determined that the surviving crew had been adrift on the ship for at least 75 years. Chester, Kael, Sidel and Talakin were brought aboard the Bearís Claw. Aside from the ailment Chester was recovering from and Kaelís missing hand, they were given a clean bill of health by the ship surgeon.

February 1, 101820
The Bearís Claw continued on to Far Port where the head of CKS Enterprises (the company that funds Captain Bearchargerís privateering,) Admiral Lyra Everhall requested to see them. It was discovered that not only were the Admiral and the survivors previously acquainted, but that Chester, Kael, and Sidel were the CKS in CKS Enterprises. The survivors now knowing that they are in the future, were each worth millions of GP as partners in the company, and having a mission they very much desired to go on (killing Hadeus apparently) they wanted to get a new ship and head out. Lyra wisely suggested that they try to relax a little and get use to how things work currently since they had been lost for 75 years. Chester also meets his old student Brim who is now a 91 year old master fire mage. Chester also discovered that not only had his library survived, it had grown incredibly over the years. The survivors spent about a week talking to different people and discovering how much the Realm had changed.

February 8, 101820
The survivors and the crew of the Bearís claw set off on a haul to protect a Heavy Cargo ship inroute to Gounar.

February 23, 101820
Sixteen days out, the vessel is attacked by undead.

February 24th, 101820
Thanks to the diligence of both Dale and Talakin, the repairs to the heavy cargo shop in just one day. Upon inspecting the undead galleon, Dale found the arm that was attached to the ship was covered in what he believed to be magical runes.

February 25th, 101820
Chester studied the arm and arrived at the conclusion that it was the reason the undead galleon was able to control the heavy cargo ship. Icarus analyzed it and devised that the original owner was an Illithid, and through the ages it was eventually passed on to a drow who then sold it to the captain of the undead galleon, but when the captain was alive.

March 2nd, 101820
The Bear's Claw made port in Gounar. While in the tavern The Rusty Anchor, Talakin spotted an old friend in blue, Derrick. He was talking with a friend of his, Kage. It appears as though Kage had some items he was thinking of selling a few items he acquired. The first was a Holy symbol of The Sisters. The second was a teleportation orb, which seemed odd because upon inspecting it, it seemed old as opposed to ancient. Kage found it between Dorian and Giffyania. After that, we split up to do some individual business.

March 3rd, 101820
Thanks to Icarus, some mages of The Sisters were hired to help pilot the Bear's Claw.