Gods of the Realms

Ahken Ra


The Daughters of Ceridwin
(Also known as "The Sisters" or individually, Aurasay and Norassay)

Alignment:   Lawful Neutral
Influence:  God of Healing
Connections:  Husband to Ceridwen with whom they had one son Hermetious (Deceased)
Apperance:  Appears as an older man, fit and sturdy for his years. His skin is worn, his hair is grey (including his short cropped beard) yet he stands tall and moves fluidly without the bent and hobbled movements of the elderly. He often carries a quarterstaff as a favorite weapon. He can take many forms, but whatever form he is in will have at least a grey streak in its hair or body coloring if not be completely grey. Other races adapt the look to see him in their own image.
Presence:  Alikarn, Far Port, Kohna Gogog, Sormian, Galious, Gounar, Sphinera, Quaria, Darvis, Eartta

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