- Common Items That Can Be Purchased in the Known Realms -

Air Generator      (150gp)

Air generators were originally used to add fresh air to small asteroids being mined in wild space. Air generators come in many different sixes, but most captains have a portable metal box that is about 3 feet tall. It is metal, and heavy so there are two handles on top on each side as it is designed to be carried by two crew. The bottom portion has a small, specially contained magical heating element (something that won’t cause a problem in the phlogiston.) A control knob on the side can increase/decrease its intensity. The upper part has a removable tray that is filled with a special type of treated rock that when heated, can generate fresh air. A box of these rocks costs 25gp. They are one time use as once they are heated, you can control how quickly the air is released by increasing the heat, but they will not stop releasing the air until they are expelled. Although not expensive, they are somewhat hard to come by and are therefore used sparingly.

They work well for adding a small air bubble to a barren rock, adding air to an otherwise magically sealed place, or returning an air bubble to an abandoned hulk that has had its air stripped away over time. They have been tested to try and refresh air on a ship however the air they generate tends to mix with the already stale air and become contaminated itself. They seem to work best at creating an airspace where there was none.

Bolt Cutters      (5gp)

Useful for cutting bolts, locks, and gnomes out of their armor.

Breather      (25gp)

Breathers are leather masks that fit over the nose and mouth of most human like species (special ones are made for other species like Thrikreen, half giants, etc. at an extra 5gp cost.) They sometimes also come with attached goggles. These masks have small cylindrical canisters that screw onto the mask on either side that have a special one way valve at the top, and a small piece of dimensional cloth at the bottom that each opens up into 5’ x 5’ space. This allows enough breathable air for one human for about 15 minutes.

Each canister must be recharged by opening the valve, and forcing fresh air into the canister with bellows. (A portable bellow costs 3gp) Extra canisters can be purchased for 10gp each and can be exchanged out one at a time for longer away missions. The cloth is covered by a mesh screen and is integrated as part of the canister. Any attempt to take apart the canister to try and store an object in the dimensional area will ruin the canister and therefore break the magic that allows the hole to function.

Although the mask provides air, it does not protect against the other rigors of space. Eye protection and other equipment are often suggested when walking into an airless space. It is not completely affective against poisonous gas or gas based attacks either as it is not a 100% sealed environment; however it will allow a +1 to any save for a non magical gas based attack.

Clockwork Servant      (Price Varies)

The only thing that a gnome likes better than making something is creating something to help him make something. Thus enters the Clockwork Servant. These tall humanoid figures can follow basic instructions, lift things, move things around, and even retrieve needed items. They are not magical but completely mechanical. They are only capable of the most basic functions and often need to be shown how to perform a task if they have never performed it before. This information is all stored in a complex group of gears and switches on their backs called a logic box.

Some Clockwork Servants can be pre-set to perform certain skills by creating their logic box for the needed task. Most owners will have different logic boxes that can be interchanged on their clockwork servant to help perform different tasks. House maid, shop helper, sailor, and guard are all popular choices.

Clockwork servants come in many different varieties depending on the individuals needs. Prices may vary depending on the specific extras designed into the servant.

Clockwork Servant: 5,000gp

Clockwork Soldier: 8,000gp

Logic Box: 1,000gp

Compass     (Price Varies)

A compass in its most simple form is a small circular device with a dial that always points north. These can be very helpful when navigating oceans on a planet surface. (5gp)

While navigating in space, there are other desired compasses. Crystal Compasses have a shard of crystal that is similar enough to that of a crystal sphere that it has a harmonic bond and will point toward the nearest crystal sphere. (25gp)

Minovian Compasses use a dial that is attuned to a single standard crystal on the Minovian home world. It will always point directly back to Minerva. This can be an excellent reference point when sailing in wild space trying to avoid magic dead zones. Minovian compasses only work in the Known Realm. (45gp)

Diving Suit     (2750gp)

A human can only hold his breath under water for so long. Plus the deeper you go into water, the more pressure is exerted on the body. The best way to go is by using a diving suit. It is a full suit of plate armor that is hinged and integrated and sealed. The diver enters through a back plate that is then bolted into place completing the seal. Air is feed down to the diver through a hose using hand pumps at the surface. (It costs 500gp extra for the pump assembly.) The air hose is usually up to 100 ft long (though deeper dives can be made) and is also rigged with pull cables that run along its length that the diver can choose to pull to have a flag pop up on the surface for simple predetermined commands. They are most commonly More, Less, Air, and Hose. Combinations of them direct the people up top how to feed and operate the hose, pulling all four means to bring the diver to the surface immediately. Experienced divers make up their own extensive codes with their surface crew.

While the suit will keep someone alive underwater for as long as the people working the air pumps can keep the air going, the suit is heavy and fatiguing. It gives the diver a -4 Dex modifier. After the first 15 minutes of use, the diver must make a successful Con check or be forced to surface due to exhaustion. He must then check every 5 minutes after that. The suits are time consuming and expensive to make. Only suits for average height humans are made for general sale. A custom suit could cost as much as 5,000 – 10,000gp depending on the race it is intended to fit.

Flintlock Pistol      (100gp)

Flint locks are pistols that fire one shot. With the flash pan closed, they can be stored almost indefinitely in a primed condition ready to fire. When the flint comes down it sparks against the metal, opens the flash pan and ignites the gunpowder prime to fire the bullet. IT takes one action to reload a pistol.

When firing the weapon in the Phlogiston, it needs to have its flint changed out for a muted flint, and its black powder charge cut from 1 ounce to one quarter ounce. Failure to do so will cause the gun to explode when fired. It takes 3 actions to get an empty gun switched over to be ready to fire in the Phlogiston. From there on out it will take a normal one action to reload.

Bullets can be purchased for 2gp for a bag of 10. It is common to store the black powder in a flask, or in individual paper cartridges.

Skill:  Range Weapons (Fire Arms)     Damage:  1d10     Range Inc:  50 ft.     Type:  Piercing

Skill:  Range Weapons (Fire Arms)     Damage:  1d12     Range Inc:  150 ft.     Type:  Piercing

Gnomish Clockwork Pocket Time Piece     (Price Varies)

Gnomish Pocket Clockwork Time Pieces are a wonderful example of gnomish inventiveness. Wind this small device up every day and it will keep the time to within minutes! Simple models can be had for as little as 10 gp, though their accuracy often is not the best. Accurate pocket time pieces sell for 25 – 50 gp. Extremely complex clockwork time pieces that keep the seconds, display the date, show the lunar or solar activity of a specific sphere and more can be had for 1000 – 10,000gp depending on how many different options are packed into the time piece.

Orc Rocket Sled     (3500gp)

Recently, the Undead have been using rockets to attack ships even in MDZs. A caravan of Orcs were attacked by these Undead rockets and although they fought off their attackers, their space fairing group was devastated. One of the surviving Orcs, Captain Uggak decide the best thing to do would be to fight fire with fire. He took the remaining parts of the Undead rocket darts to a gnome engineer to design something that he could use against them. When even the gnome refused to do it because it was too dangerous, he did the only sensible thing an Orc could do . . . He threatened the gnomes life until he finally made him a rocket sled.

Orc Rocket Sleds are little more than a seat strapped to a highly explosive rocket with some minor steering controls. Most of the sleds just have a metal shield ram on the front as their only weapon to push Undead rocket darts off course. Some Orcs have had a ballista or even a cannon installed on the sleds with mixed results. The rockets can’t be ignited in the phlogiston, or they will explode, so special spring loaded catapult rails are built into the ships to launch the rocket sleds out and away before they ignite their engines.

Only creatures as vicious as the Orcs are dumb enough to use these dangerous contraptions. There is a one in ten chance that they just might explode when ignited, taking their “pilot” with them. Some Orcs lucky enough to have survived many rocket sled assaults have become good enough at using them to even wield muskets and crossbows and the like while steering their crafts.

Replacement rocket cylinders are hard to find and cost at least 500gp to replace. Most Orc ships stock up on these when they first have the Sleds made, but they soon run out.

Retractable Tether     (15gp)

Most sailors fear going over board and slowly dying in space more than being shot through the chest by a ballista. Retractable tethers are compact, (about 6 inches around) spring loaded devices that are used to keep sailors safe. They are most often attached to a belt, or wrapped around a thigh. Pressing the main button releases the tether. The hook is specially designed to then be quickly clamped onto a piece of the ship, or in extreme emergency, thrown down spike first onto wood to secure it in place. If the sailor falls off the ship, he will only drift out to a max of 25 ft (the length of the special silk rope inside.) He can then press the button again and the spring action will real him back to the deck. The spring is only designed to be strong enough to drag the average human back along the frictionless gravity plane of space. It will not work to haul a person up a wall or the like, although particularly crafty sailors have used it to skewer items and real them back into themselves.

More advanced retractable tethers with a higher spring load and 50 ft of silk line can be purchased for 50 gp. These are about twice the size of their regular counterparts. Magical tethers with pocket dimentions for holding extra cord up to 100 ft can be purchased for 150 gp.

Signal Bracelet     (10gp)

A signal bracelet is a metal housing with a sunstone and reflector housed inside. There are metal flaps on the front like window blinds that normally close over the sunstone keeping the light from escaping. When the button on the side is pressed the blinds open and the light shines through. The system is articulate enough to flash in synchronization with the button pressing to signal people over long distances in dark conditions. Often a form of Morse Code is used for more detailed communication. It can be used as a sun stick to see in the dark, but the beam of light is very narrow and focused so it will only highlight a small circle in front of you.

Spyglass      (25gp)

This small device is made of metal tubes that collapse into each other for easy storage. On either end there is a glass lens. Looking through a spy glass can increase objects viewed at a distance up to three times. User receives a +2 to Spot checks at a distance. Comes with a wood carry case.

Sun Stick      (2gp)

Sun Sticks are a simple yet effective gnomish invention. It is a small metal tube often with a leather wrapping for a better grip. The front end of the tube has a shutter that opens when a button on the side of the stick is pressed. This reveals the glowing Sunstone that is mounted inside and provides a beam of light to illuminate dark passages.

Sunstones      (Price Varies)

Sunstones are round, faceted, gems about the size of a marble. They are found on Gounar where they constantly absorb the light from their sun. When taken out of their planet, they will emit light for as long as they have been exposed to it. Most stones are harvested from natural stream beds, and other areas where they have reached the surface. This means that for years, they have been sitting on the surface soaking up the sun and will shine again for many years to come. If a stone ever does fade, they can be recharged only at their planet of origin. Cost varies from 10gp to 100gp depending on how long they will last.

They are cool to the touch, though prolonged exposure to the light could cause sunburn just as being in normal sunlight. They affect creatures and objects just like normal sunlight would. They are actually non-magical as the sunlight and process for storing it is natural, and they will work in magic dead zones. Otherwise they can be found in similar uses and fixtures as continual light stones.

Recently the Dwarves on Gounar have started field harvesting stones where they dig up Sunstones and lay them out in fields for about a year and then sell them. These are cheaper because they will only last up to a year and sell for 1gp each.

Mages have found that sunstones that have never been exposed to the light will take any type of energy that is first applied to it. In this way, they can use a sunstone to store magic spells. These types of stones are much more expensive since the mining process for these needs to take great care in their discovery, sealing, and transportation. Unused sunstones can sell from 100 – 1000gp depending on their size and clarity.

- Minor Magical Items of the Known Realms -

Pocket Scabbard      (35gp)

The last thing a sailor wants is to have his scabbard get entangled in the ship’s rigging during a battle. The easiest way to keep your weapon at the ready without worry is with a Pocket Scabbard. These scabbards use dimensional cloth at the bottom of the scabbard to create a minor pocket dimension where the entire length of your long sword can fit into a scabbard smaller than one designed for most daggers. In a strange quirk of interdimensional physics, because the sword is not completely inside the pocket dimension, it still has weight in the pommel and care needs to be taken in weighting the scabbard correctly so that it doesn’t tip forward while being worn on the hip. Additionally most Pocket Scabbards come with a simple leather loop clip to help hold the sword in place until needed.